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芦  田  直  人

芦田在他的作品中運用藍色調,以喚起了海洋的本質:寧靜、深遠而神秘。芦田在創作中追求一種柔和的色調,故意避免過度的亮度和閃光。 如果仔細觀察,人們可以發現作品中微小閃耀的晶體的存在。這些閃耀的晶體增添了作品的層次和細節,為整體創造了更多的視覺吸引力。


Ashida’s use of blue hues in his artwork evokes the essence of the sea. He strive to create a subdued color tone, intentionally avoiding excessive brightness and shimmer. Upon closer inspection, one can discern the presence of tiny sparkling crystals that enhance the overall feel of tranquility. 

In experiencing this art, one can truly sense the artist's personality—a genuine, unassuming, and warm-hearted individual. Their work exudes a quiet and gentle nature, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in its subtle beauty.

1954   Born in Fukuchiyama, Kyoto

1978  Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts

          Studied under Mr. Yutaka Kondo

1979  Built own Kiln at Nishijin, Kyoto

1980  Gallery Maronie, Kyoto

1983  TAKASHIMAYA Department Store Gallery, Kyoto

1984  Izumi Gallery, Osaka

1984  Tomimoto Kennkichi Memorial Museum, Nara

1987  Gallery Azuchi, Osaka

          ISETAN Department Store Gallery, Tokyo

1988  Gallery Utsuwa-kan, Kyoto

1989  Gallery Akamatsu, Tokyo

1991  TAKASHIMAYA Department Store Gallery, Osaka

Kyoto Arts and Crafts Exhibition / Kyoto Exhibition 

Kyoto Industrial Arts Society Kinki Branch Exhibition 

Kyoto City Recommendation Award for Rookie Artist

Modern Artisan Craft Exhibition




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