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小  山  研  一


雖然小山的陶器可能在外觀上顯得粗糙,但在手中觸摸時卻能感受到溫暖和舒適。 陶瓷材質賦予了這些作品出色的耐用性,使它們能夠經受住日常使用的考驗。「黑彩」系列確實是小山藝術才華的傑出體現。它採用了一種獨特的技法,將一層帶有裂紋的陶泥精細覆蓋在黑色基底上,然後在窯爐中進行燒製。 上層的粗糙質感與黑色的基底形成強烈對比,增添了作品的深度和複雜性。



Koyama crafts pottery that leaves a lasting impression, exuding tranquility and featuring a textured, stone-like surface. Though they may appear rugged initially, these pieces offer a cozy feel in your hands and boast remarkable durability due to their stoneware composition. 

The "Kurosai" series is indeed an exceptional manifestation of Koyama's artistic prowess. It features a remarkable technique where a gauze-like upper layer with cracks is delicately layered over the black base and then fired in the kiln. This distinctive texture and use of black color create a modern and stylish aesthetic.

1953    Born in Nigata, Japan

1977    Graduated from Kyoto City University of Art

1980    Gallery MARONIE, Kyoto

1982    Won a prize at Kyoto Prefecture Fine Arts and Crafts



1984    Joined Japanese Design Exhibition in Moscow, Russia

1989    MITSUKOSHI Department Store Gallery, Tokyo

1992    Gallery UTUWA-KAN, Kyoto

2001    TAKASHIMAYA Department Store Gallery, Kyoto

2009    The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Shiga

Public Collection

The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Shiga, Japan

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