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小  川  宣  之




1963    Born in Higashiyama, Kyoto.

1983    Graduated from Pottery Training Academy in Kyoto.


1989    First prize at Kyoto Exhibition, Kyoto

1993    Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition, Japan

1994    Industrial Arts Biennale, Kyoto

1996    Ceramic Art Exhibition, Masuko, Japan

1997    Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Kyoto

2003    International Ceramic Arts Exhibition, Faenza, Italy

2005    Golden prize at International Ceramic Arts Exhibition,                        Faenza, Italy

2013    Contemporary Ceramic Competition in Kobe Biennale


2006     GHISELLI 2007 S/S Collection, Milan, Italy

            Japanese Ceramics in Musee National de Ceramique,

            Paris, France

2007    GHISELLI 2007 A/W Collection in Milan, Italy

2008    Luxury NOBUYUKI OGAWA Exhibition, Japan

2013    Contemporary Japanese Design MILANO SALONE 2013 in            Milan, Italy

           THE OSAKAN DORIMS Vol3 in YOD gallery, Osaka, Japan

           Istituto Giapponese di Cultura in ROMA in Italy

           ARTOSAKA 2013 in YOD gallery, Osaka, Japan



Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza

Born into a family of Kiyomizu potters in Kyoto, Nobuyuki Ogawa carries on the rich tradition of pottery craftsmanship in his work. While upholding the traditional pottery craft of Kyoto, he merges subculture elements into the existing pottery systems and values, to create works with a unique aesthetic and a sense of playfulness. 

Through his unwavering dedication to every intricate detail and his mastery of decoration techniques, Nobuyuki consistently produces ceramic artworks that are visually exquisite. His ability to bring together traditional techniques with a fresh and contemporary approach showcases his artistic prowess and innovation within the medium of ceramics.

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