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今  井  律  湖

Ceramic artist based in Mashiko, Japan. 

Ritsuko Imai studied the basics of arts such as pottery and photography when she was in college in England. In 2011, she returned to Japan and practiced her pottery creation in Mashiko ceramic school. She values casting what comes from her inner side and what naturally comes within, not copying someone else’s work or trend. Her artwork is often unidentifiable for purpose, like something excavated from ancient ruins. 




1984   Born in Gunma, Japan

2003   Started pottery at college when studying abroad in England

2011   Graduated from ceramic school in Mashiko, Tochigi, Japan

2015    Ceramic exhibition “Family” ~ Tokyo   

2016    Exhibition “Tenoyukue” ~ Kamakura

           Exhibition “ShinShin” ~ Osaka

2017   Ceramic exhibition ~ Tokushima, Saitama, Chiba

2018   Exhibition “What if the poem were water…” 

           Kyoto Tsutaya Books

2019   Ceramic exhibition ~ Osaka & Tokyo

2020   Spring Exhibition ~ Toyko

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