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​松  重  康  夫





1973   Born in Kyoto

1992  Graduated from Kyoto Ceramic Training School.

1994  Graduated from Kyoto Municipal Technical Research                         Institute. Taught by Zenji Miyashita

2002  Gallery 4U, Kyoto, Japan

          Gallery Moeji, Osaka, Japan

2004  Takashimaya Department store, Kyoto, Japan

2006  Seto New Century Museum, Aichi, Japan

2007  Art Salon KURA, Kyoto, Japan

2010  Gallery Sophora

1995  Choza Award, tokoname, Aichi

Yasuo Shigematsu's artistic creations place a strong emphasis on fostering creativity and embracing freedom. His works are visually captivating, characterized by vibrant playful patterns. The lines and colors adorning his ceramic cups defy rigid structures, embracing a fluidity that knows no bounds. With slender lines as their foundation, his works occasionally dare to be bold and avant-garde, reflecting Shigematsu's open-minded and distinctive artistic style.

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