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五  十  子  友  美

Mimeograph and wood carving artist based in Kanagawa, Japan. Irago Tomomi started wood carving while she was in college. Her new artworks are presented regularly in solo exhibitions at galleries all over Japan under the brand name “TORINOKO”, established in 2010. 




1984   Born in Mie, Japan

2007   Graduated from the Musashino Art University, Tokyo

2007   Started working as an illustrator and wood carving artist

2010   Established her own studio and brand “TORINOKO”

2010   Mimeographed postcard exhibition ~ Tokyo   

2017   Mimeographed postcard exhibition ~ Chiba

2018   Wood carving and mimeograph exhibition “Bremens” ~ Tokyo

2020   Wood carving exhibition ~ Taichun, Taiwan

           Exhibition “TORINOKO” ~ Tokyo

2020   Group exhibition “Flying dream” ~ Tokyo

           Group exhibition “Zoo” ~ Tokyo

           Group exhibition “Walk with a picture” ~ Okayama

2021   Exhibition “TORINOKO’s bird” ~ Tokyo

2015   “The Sun Gods” by Jay Rubin ~ illustration

2017    “The Portraits” by TORINOKO ~ writer & illustration

2020   “The Past and Future of Mimeograph”

            by Tomoko Kanzaki ~ work included

2021   “つながる短歌100 人々が心を燃やして詠んだ三十一文字”

            by Hideko Ahno ~ illustration

Like a cuddly toy to a kid, TORINOKO wants to create things like an Amulet, for those who treasure it to feel safe and peaceful.



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