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1947    Born in Kyoto

1970   Graduated from Osaka University of

     Art Craft Design department

1971   Graduated from Kyoto Municipal Technical

     Research Institute

     Opened own kiln “Daikakuji pottery”

              Daikakuji Temple in Kyoto

1994   Inspected old kiln in China Exhibition

     AKASHIMAYA Department Store Gallery, Tokyo

    MATSUYA Department Store Gallery, Tokyo

    ODAKYU Department Store Gallery, Tokyo

    HANKYU Department Store Gallery, Osaka

    KURODA TOEN Gallery, Tokyo


石  井  伸  夫




Yoshinori Izumi is an artist who seeks to find harmony with nature through his pottery creations. He delves into the profound beauty that arises from the combination of clay, flame, and glaze. His work aims to express the inherent warmth found in natural materials.

When you interact with Izumi's pottery, you will experience its richness and tactile appeal. The touch of his pieces evokes a sense of luxury and craftsmanship. Furthermore, when used for sake and side dishes, his pottery enhances the dining experience, making the flavors more enjoyable and enhancing the overall aesthetic pleasure. 

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