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KYO-SOKU - Grey / Black

KYO-SOKU - Grey / Black


The Story

The traditional techniques that Niwa Futonten has inherited from its founder in the Meiji Period have been passed down unaltered over 150 years to the present day. These excellent techniques developed by the predecessors should not be tampered with.


On the other hand, traditional futons that were once an inherent part of Japanese culture have become less common as modern-day bedding. They have often been replaced by beds and feather quilts.


Niwa Futonten wants to reintroduce the comfort of futons made of cotton and floss silk (much cherished in the original Japanese culture) into present-day life by adjusting their style and value from time to time.


KYO-SOKU is a tool for relaxing that easily blends in with modern life and makes use of futon-making techniques. The solid yet soft feel of buckwheat husks gently wrapped in cotton wadding provides support to your body as an armrest or backrest on the floor or sofa, whatever your chosen sitting posture.



L380 x W170 x D170cm (M size)



Cover: Cotton, Wool 

Interier: Cotton, Buckwheat husk



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